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Revamp Your Home's Curb Appeal

Curb appeal

Your home should feel like your castle- it should be clean, welcoming, and uniquely "you". Putting your home's best face forward year-round is easier said than done though. Your home is constantly exposed to the elements, and try as you might to prevent it, your exteriors can start to get dirty over time. Luckily, though, some high-quality pressure washing can turn back time and refresh your home!

When you're trying to reinvigorate your home's curb appeal, the best course is doing a total property cleaning. However, you may want to prioritize some cleaning ahead of others depending on where your property is most affected. Let us break down some of the most common types of home cleaning to help you pick the best path to a curb appeal perk-up! And when it comes time to take your Orchard Park home to the next level, let Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC help with our house washing, roof cleaning, and other curb appeal improvement services.

Roof Cleaning

To start off, let's talk about a curb appeal improvement service that often gets overlooked: roof cleaning.

It can be tricky to clean your roof- it's in a difficult, even dangerous area to clean, and shingles can be easily damaged by overpowered pressure washing or a misplaced foot. However, safe roof cleaning done by professionals can help boost your curb appeal by taking care of those ugly dark streaky stains on your roof. These stains are caused by black algae, which is harmful to your shingles.

A professional will work carefully with secure safety equipment to gently soft wash algae stains off of your roof, as well as any other debris caught up there. Not only will your roof look better, but its surface will be much healthier too!

House Washing

House washing is pretty self-explanatory- it's a service where your sidings or exterior walls are washed of stains, grime, and dirt to improve their look, color, and brightness! A professional will use either pressure washing or soft washing to clean your sidings, depending on their material and level of mess. You'd be amazed just how much color and pop even one session of house washing can return to your house.

Driveway Washing

A dirty driveway sticks out like a sore thumb on an otherwise pristine home. Concrete clings to ugly stains with a vengeance, and cleaning surfaces like driveways and sidewalks can be frustrating. Our eco-friendly pressure washing is a great option for both spot cleaning and comprehensive driveway cleaning, as it can quickly work out stains and discoloration without exposing your lawn to tons of heavy chemicals.


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