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House Washing To Upgrade Your Orchard Park Residential Curb Appeal

House washing

Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC can give your Orchard Park home a million-dollar home makeover at wallet-friendly prices with our sublime house washing services. If your exterior walls have lost their luster, and you've been considering repainting them or otherwise touching them up, book one of our world-class house washings. You'd be surprised how much a simple house washing can revitalize tired sidings.

We're proud to be the top team for pressure washing for Orchard Park, and we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality. Our work isn't complete until your exteriors are spotless. The goal of our house washing is not just to make your home look nicer, but to help it stay sturdy and free of deteriorating pollution. Ideally, you should have your house washed about once every 6 months. If it's been longer than that since you last had a house washing done, this is your sign to go ahead and schedule one!

If you're curious, request a free quote from us by following the link on our website or by calling us at 716-474-9687. Let Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC give your home a fresh new face!

Exterior Home Surface Cleaning

Many homeowners put off their house washing until their home's sidings have developed large, obvious stains or have otherwise become drastically dirty. While house washing can help with stains and other messes, it's best used as a preventative measure- to head off mess before it becomes an issue.

No two homes are exactly alike, and we work with a variety of different sidings- brick, stucco, vinyl, painted wood, and so much more. While high-pressure cleaning can be used on a few types of sidings, it has the potential to cause cosmetic damage on many types of surfaces. To prevent this from happening, we approach most of our house washing jobs with the delicate soft washing method.

Rather than forcing stains off of your sidings with forces ranging into the thousands of PSI, soft washing uses little to no pressure at all. We treat your exterior walls with an EPA-approved biodegradable detergent that slowly breaks apart grime and kills algae and mold spores. This gentle cleaning fully cleans your sidings without exposing them to large amounts of force. Our eco-friendly cleaners help promote a safe environment for your family, pets, and landscaping while providing you with the clean you need!

Curb Appeal Cleanup Crew

A house washing can wash away years of dirt and grime and breathe new life into a tired home, but there are additional ways you can improve your curb appeal. Many people underestimate the power a simple driveway washing can have on their home's looks. If you'd like to really boost your home's looks, have your driveway washed along with your sidings. Not only does it get rid of ugly stains, but it keeps your concrete healthy, too.

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