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Patio Washing To Maintain Beautiful Orchard Park Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio cleaning

Refresh your outdoor relaxation spaces with superb patio washing from Orchard Park's own Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC! When your hardscapes become overgrown by algae, moss, and lichen, your patio can lose a lot of its luster. Don't let it succumb to the elements- our eco-friendly soft washing and pressure washing services will get your patio looking as good as new!

Just like any other kind of hardscaping, brick or concrete patios can become stained and discolored by exposure to the elements. This exposure can also contribute to weathering and other deterioration. Mold growth is especially problematic for brick areas, as it can work its way through the brick and slowly crumble it. The goal of our patio washing is to maintain a gorgeous appearance for your outdoor hangout spot while helping you avoid costly repairs.

Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC is the top in pressure washing for Orchard Park. Our patio washing is guaranteed to help you get your outdoor living spaces back to the condition you want them in. We only work with eco-friendly detergents and protect surrounding landscaping while we clean to ensure low environmental impact and to keep your yard a perfect place for your family. If you'd like a free quote for our patio washing service, fill out the form through the link on our page or call us at 716-474-9687. Let's put some pep back in your patio!

Porch & Deck Cleaning Pros

Wood and composite decking also benefit from professional cleaning! Algae is a major problem that affects decks and porches- not only does it just look plain ugly, but it promotes other invasive growths and creates slipping hazards. Our detergents are designed to kill algae, mold, moss, and other common nuisances, as well as eliminate any spores to ensure that the growth doesn't come right back. If it's been a while since you last had your porch or deck washed, pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Max Out Your Curb Appeal

Patio or deck washing is a great way to keep your outdoor living spaces relaxing and inviting- but if you really want to pump up your curb appeal, go big and have your house washed! House washing can take years off of your home's appearance by washing away obnoxious stains as well as eliminating layers of dirt and grime that subtly dull your home's exteriors. We offer affordable rates to ensure that we can provide you with an expert-level cleaning at budget-friendly prices. Contact us to get a free quote for our house washing today.

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