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Roof Washing For Gentle Orchard Park Rooftop Cleaning

Roof cleaning

Your roof deserves TLC just like any part of your home- make sure you're treating it to the best roof washing in Orchard Park with Stars And Stripes Power Washing LLC! Whether because it's a difficult area to clean, or because it's not always the first thing your eye catches, roof washing is one of those things that gets overlooked on many folks' to-do lists. We strive to make taking care of your roof easier by treating it to the best roof washing in town!

Not only does keeping your roof clean positively affect the look of your home, but it also helps your shingles and other roofing materials stay stronger for longer too. With our gentle soft washing expertise, we can give your roof a deep clean with a light touch. If you're interested in finding out how much a roof washing would cost for you, request a free quote from us by either going through the website or by giving us a call at 716-474-9687. Let the top pros in pressure washing for Orchard Park give your roof a mini-makeover!

Soft Washing Specialists

Sometimes when people hear the words "pressure washing specialist" and "roof washing" in the same sentence together, they balk, thinking that their cleaning contractor is going to attack their poor shingles with heavy power washing. While we can't speak for every pressure washing company out there, that's not how we operate.

Your roof will be treated with a low-pressure detergent-based soft wash. This detergent is designed not only to break apart stains and grime, but also to kill certain harmful growths that are common roofing hazards, such as algae, lichen, and mold. This detergent is EPA-approved and biodegradable, so it won't leave a bunch of toxic chemical residue on your house like some industrial-strength cleaners. Because our soft washing is so gentle, too, your roof with being safe from impact damage- a perfect cleaning for delicate shingles.

Soft Washing Your Home Spotless

Soft washing is what allows us to give your roof a deep cleaning without putting it under pressure- literally. Because it's great for cleaning delicate surfaces without cracking, chipping, or warping them, it's always typically what we use in our house washing work, too. Algae and mildew are threats that can seriously damage your roof if left unchecked- but these same substances can deteriorate your sidings, too. Algae can cause heavy and even permanent stains on a variety of surfaces, and mold can rot wood and crumble brick.

Just like our roof washing, or really any of our other cleanings, our house washing serves two purposes: to make your home look great and to extend its exterior surfaces' lifespans. If you're having your roof cleaned by us, consider booking a house washing as well to give your home the comprehensive clean-up it deserves!


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